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Welcome to Twelve Maples.  Alyce and I are glad you dropped by and hope you will find the very eclectic collection of photos, ramblings and information we present to be useful or interesting or what every you’re seeking.  We moved to the Greater Seattle area in 1994 and instantly found out why some many of our neighbors love living in the trees.  Having grown up in the hot dusty plans of Oklahoma, the Great Northwest is almost overwhelming.  Clean air, clean water, moderate temperatures, beautiful scenery, whales, eagles, mountains, plains! It’s just beautiful here.

We will use this web site is to provide our many friends and family with ways to share our adventures and experiences.  It is our desire to give you a fun and enjoyable view of life at Twelve Maples.  Please come back often, we will make an effort to keep the site fresh with new stories and adventures as the un-fold.

Ground Rules

 I am obliged to inform all visitors of several of the ground rules for this site. 

 First, it is prepared for the benefit of our family and friends.  All elements, pictures, stories and other content are the property of Michael L. & Alyce D. Pendergraft  ©, 2007. 

We hereby provide notice that we reserve all Copyrights to this material.  Any reproduction in any form without explicate written authorization is prohibited.  This site is our personal property, please respect it.